Industrial safety explosion-proof cabinets are mainly used to regulate and manage various chemicals used in industrial production processes. According to the characteristics of chemicals, they are divided into flammable and explosive chemicals (yellow safety cabinet ), flammable liquid chemicals (red) and Weakly corrosive chemicals (blue). The unique double-layer structure design can effectively isolate the stored chemicals from contact with the external environment and greatly reduce the probability of risk occurrence. Equipped with a three-point linkage lock, the overall appearance is beautiful and generous, and padlocks can be added later to achieve double locks for double security and control.

Conventional safety explosion-proof cabinets are calculated according to the volume of standard gas storage tanks or oil tanks, that is, how many gallons, such as 45 gallons, 60 gallons, etc., and the actual product dimensions of explosion-proof cabinets can be found in the product size table below. Considering that some chemicals are volatile, the two sides of the explosion-proof cabinet are designed with ventilation holes and the air volume can be adjusted to prevent explosion due to too high volatile concentration. An alarm for gas leakage can also be installed to promptly remind the leakage of stored chemicals. If a large oil drum is stored, it is not convenient to carry it. The bottom of the explosion-proof cabinet can be equipped with a galvanized roller to facilitate the transportation of the oil drum.

Product number Volume Overall dimensions (MM) Product weight (Kg) Bulkhead Configuration
SKS-04 4 gallons / 15 liters W430 * D430 * H560 34 1 Manual single door opening
SKS-12 12 gallons / 45 liters W590 * D460 * H890 60 1 Manual single door opening
SKS-22 22 gallons / 83 liters W600 * D460 * H1650 90 3 Manual single door opening
SKS-30 30 gallons / 114 liters W1090 * D460 * 1120 100 1 Manual double door
SKS-45 45 gallons / 170 liters W1090 * D460 * H1650 138 2 Manual double door
SKS-60 60 gallons / 227 liters W860 * D860 * H1650 165 2 Manual double door
SKS-90 90 gallons / 340 liters W1090 * D860 * H1650 190 2 Manual double door
SKS-110 110 gallons / 410 liters W1500 * D860 * H1650 270 2 Manual double door
Color Classification Choose different colors according to different items stored. Available in yellow, red and blue. Or other customer service to specify the color.
Safety control Three-point linkage integrated cabinet lock, concealed padlock (optional). Double double lock security control, optional high-end LCD screen electronic password lock

Explosion-proof cabinet