The vacuum drying box is composed of an outer box, a working chamber, a vacuum pump and a temperature control system. Considering the diversity of production processes, the configuration of the vacuum drying box can also be upgraded and diversified. Such as multi-chamber vacuum drying box, nitrogen filling system, program-controlled temperature control instrument, vacuum degree automatic control, etc. The vertical vacuum drying box comes with a lower box, and the vacuum pump can be placed therein, and the overall appearance is beautiful. A benchtop vacuum drying cabinet requires an external vacuum pump.

The yellow light area of the 100-level clean room in the packaging industry. The components to be packaged are placed in a vacuum drying box for vacuum drying. When the process is removed, we need to open the nitrogen to protect the material to prevent it from being exposed to high temperatures Accelerated oxidation can also play a cooling role. Some materials need to be tested in a relatively stable vacuum environment. However, after a certain period of time, the vacuum degree of the common configuration of the vacuum drying box can not meet the requirements due to the external environment or the heating temperature. Normally, we can choose manual Extract the vacuum again to meet the requirements. You can also choose the vacuum degree automatic control system to set the required vacuum degree. For any reason, once the vacuum degree is deviated, the system will automatically work to the set vacuum degree without human intervention. The program control instrument can control the rate of vacuum extraction and the time of constant temperature.

Product number Studio size (MM) Overall dimensions (MM) Power (W) Degree of vacuum voltage Temperature control parameters Bulkhead
DZF-6020 W300 * D300 * H275 W585 * D450 * H455 500 <133Pa 220V 50HZ

Temperature range: room temperature-250 ℃

Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃

Temperature fluctuation: ≤ ± 0.5 ℃

DZF-6030 W320 * D320 * H300 W605 * D470 * H480 800 1
DZF-6050 W415 * D370 * H345 W700 * D520 * H525 1400 2
DZF-6090 W450 * D450 * H450 W595 * D600 * H1245 2400 2
DZF-6210 W560 * D640 * H600 W705 * D790 * H1395 3600 380V 50HZ 3
DZF-6250 W700 * D600 * H600 W1030 * D750 * H890 4000 3
DZF-6500 W630 * D810 * H845 W790 * D1030 * H1850 8000 3

Vacuum drying box