The electronic moisture- proof box effectively reduces the humidity in the air-tight box through the physical moisture absorption of the polymer recycled material circulation, and can accurately control and stabilize the humidity within the preset humidity range to achieve moisture resistance and mildew resistance. Anti-rust, anti-micro moisture absorption and other purposes. The storage conditions of some humidity-sensitive devices have certain requirements in addition to humidity, as well as temperature environments. Under normal circumstances, we generally change the temperature of the environment to meet the temperature requirements of the humidity-sensitive device. Of course, we can also change the temperature of the moisture-proof box to meet the conditions.

The heating type moisture-proof box is made of 1.2mm high quality cold-rolled steel plate, after degreasing, pickling, phosphating and electrostatic spraying. Strengthen the design, firm structure, superior load-bearing performance and box air tightness. The surface is made of electrostatic spraying, which is resistant to corrosion and scratches. It adopts permanent blue-black electrostatic baking paint, and the static resistance value is 10 6 ~ 10 9 ohms, which complies with the anti-static standard and better protects the safety of stored components. An electrostatic grounding system is also configured to effectively suppress the damage caused by the accumulation of static electricity to the device. Double-layer structure, the interior of the compartment is filled with high-quality insulation materials to prevent heat loss. The imported heater is used with a microcomputer control system to effectively control the temperature of the moisture-proof box. Generally, it is recommended to be below 50 ° C to meet the storage conditions of the components. The built-in silent fan forms a micro-circulation system, which makes the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet uniform.

Product volume Inner diameter size (MM) Overall dimensions (MM) Number of shelves Door opening method
98 liters W446 * D372 * H598 W448 * D400 * H688 1 Single door
160 liters W446 * D422 * H848 W448 * D450 * H1010 3 Single door
240 liters W596 * D372 * H1148 W598 * D400 * H1310 3 Double doors up and down
320 liters W898 * D422 * H848 W900 * D450 * H1010 3 Left and right double doors
435 liters W898 * D572 * H848 W900 * D600 * H1010 3 Left and right double doors
540 liters W596 * D682 * H1298 W598 * D710 * H1465 3 Double doors up and down
718 liters W596 * D682 * H1723 W598 * D710 * H1910 5 Three doors open
870 liters W898 * D572 * H1698 W900 * D600 * H1890 5 Four doors
1436 liters W1198 * D682 * H1723 W1200 * D710 * H1910 5 Four-door / Six-door
Humidity range:

A series: 20%-60% RH adjustable / B series: 10%-20% RH adjustable

C series: 1%-10% RH fully automatic / T series: 1%-5% RH fully automatic

Display accuracy

Temperature: ± 1 ℃

Humidity: ± 3% RH

Moisture-proof box