The explosion-proof cabinet adopts a double-layer structure design and is welded as a whole. The middle sandwich can optionally be filled with high-density fire-proof insulation cotton, which can effectively delay the external heat source from affecting the interior of the explosion-proof cabinet. Ventilation openings are designed on the left and right to reduce the concentration of volatiles in time to prevent explosion caused by excessive concentrations. Equipped with an electrostatic grounding port, which can lead to static electricity generated by moving friction or carried by operators in time to prevent static electricity from causing fire.

The explosion-proof and fire-resistant principle of industrial explosion-proof cabinets is to use the design structure of the product to effectively prevent and isolate the propagation speed of open flames or heat sources, and effectively isolate the flammable and explosive chemicals stored in the explosion-proof cabinets in case of accidents. There is sufficient time to transfer and protect stored chemicals to prevent fire or explosion due to changes in the external environment. It adopts high-quality cold-rolled steel plate to increase strength and strengthen design, and has better fire resistance. The liner can be sealed with 8mmPP sheet to prevent corrosion.

Product number Volume Overall dimensions (MM) Product weight (Kg) Bulkhead Configuration
SKS-04 4 gallons / 15 liters W430 * D430 * H560 34 1 Manual single door opening
SKS-12 12 gallons / 45 liters W590 * D460 * H890 60 1 Manual single door opening
SKS-22 22 gallons / 83 liters W600 * D460 * H1650 90 3 Manual single door opening
SKS-30 30 gallons / 114 liters W1090 * D460 * 1120 100 1 Manual double door
SKS-45 45 gallons / 170 liters W1090 * D460 * H1650 138 2 Manual double door
SKS-60 60 gallons / 227 liters W860 * D860 * H1650 165 2 Manual double door
SKS-90 90 gallons / 340 liters W1090 * D860 * H1650 190 2 Manual double door
SKS-110 110 gallons / 410 liters W1500 * D860 * H1650 270 2 Manual double door
Color Classification Choose different colors according to different items stored. Available in yellow, red and blue. Or other customer service to specify the color.
Safety control Three-point linkage integrated cabinet lock, concealed padlock (optional). Double double lock security control, optional high-end LCD screen electronic password lock

The unique double-layer steel plate design and explosion-proof function of the explosion-proof cabinet ensure the safety of your storage. The cabinet is equipped with an adjustable layer plate, which is convenient for storing tools or oil pumps and other items, and improves space utilization. The bottom of the single or double barrel storage cabinet is equipped with a rotary roller, which is convenient for the operator to push in or remove the oil barrel.