Sanqing Instrument industrial safety cabinets are completely manufactured in accordance with OSHA standards (American Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and meet the requirements of Article 30 of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Passed the third-party EU CE authority certification and Rohs certification, has an explosion-proof fire resistance test report, and can pass safety inspections smoothly.

The 45-gallon safety cabinet is recommended. The product size is W1090 * D460 * H1650 MM. Two removable partitions are standard. It is convenient to adjust and place flammable and explosive chemicals of different sizes. Equipped with three-point linkage door locks and padlock keyholes, equipped with double keys and addable padlocks, to achieve double double lock safety management, the built-in electrostatic wire port can timely discharge static electricity, thereby suppressing hidden dangers caused by static electricity and ensuring safety .

45 gallon 170 liter safety cabinet explosion-proof cabinet Product Model: SKS-45 safety cabinet explosion-proof cabinet

Product size: W1090 * D460 * H1650 MM Standard separator: 2Pcs galvanized laminate

Door opening method: Manual double door cabinet lock: Three-point linkage lock + self-equipped padlock

Cabinet color:

Yellow: Storage flammable, explosive dangerous goods, chemicals

Red: Storage of flammable dangerous goods and chemicals

Blue: Stores chemicals with weak corrosion (strong corrosion products are special acid and alkali cabinets )

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Product number Volume Overall dimensions (MM) Product weight (Kg) Bulkhead Configuration
SKS-04 4 gallons / 15 liters W430 * D430 * H560 34 1 Manual single door opening
SKS-12 12 gallons / 45 liters W590 * D460 * H890 60 1 Manual single door opening
SKS-22 22 gallons / 83 liters W600 * D460 * H1650 90 3 Manual single door opening
SKS-30 30 gallons / 114 liters W1090 * D460 * 1120 100 1 Manual double door
SKS-45 45 gallons / 170 liters W1090 * D460 * H1650 138 2 Manual double door
SKS-60 60 gallons / 227 liters W860 * D860 * H1650 165 2 Manual double door
SKS-90 90 gallons / 340 liters W1090 * D860 * H1650 190 2 Manual double door
SKS-110 110 gallons / 410 liters W1500 * D860 * H1650 270 2 Manual double door
Color Classification Choose different colors according to different items stored. Available in yellow, red and blue. Or other customer service to specify the color.
Safety control Three-point linkage integrated cabinet lock, concealed padlock (optional). Double double lock security control, optional high-end LCD screen electronic password lock

Explosion-proof cabinet