The entire cabinet of electronic moisture-proof box is designed with high-quality 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate to strengthen the structure, and has good air tightness and load capacity. The surface is electrostatically sprayed after degreasing, pickling, phosphating and other processes, which is beautiful and generous. The static resistance value of the anti-static model is 10 6 -10 9 ohms. The door is inlaid with 3.2mm high-strength tempered glass, the internal materials are clear at a glance, and the sealing performance is good. Independent display of temperature and humidity. Super bright LED digital display. With memory function, no need to set the value again after power off.

Intelligent moisture-proof control system, using imported moisture-absorbing materials, environmental protection and no pollution. The system movement works automatically according to the set value. When the humidity reaches the set value, it will automatically stop working; when the humidity exceeds the set value, the system will automatically start dehumidification. After the humidity is stable, the power will not rise more than 10% for 24 hours after power off. Energy saving, environmental protection, no heat, no dripping, no noise. The host casing is made of high temperature flame retardant material to ensure safety. The temperature and humidity sensor uses the original imported brand HoneyWell, with accurate and sensitive data. Flat pressure lock with key anti-theft. Four swivel castors with brakes in front. With grounding device, anti-static protection.

Before using the electronic moisture-proof box , install the shelf board, connect the power, the digital display shows a digital display, and the device starts to drain moisture for the first time. The number displayed in the digital display is the current actual data in the box. Press and hold the UP / DOWN button, and the data in the humidity display area is the set value. The set value of the UP button increases, and the set value of the DOWN button decreases. After adjusting to the required humidity value, the machine starts to work until the humidity drops to the set value and stops working.

1436 liter electronic moisture-proof box drying box layer number: 5Pcs can be freely added or subtracted

External dimensions: W1200 * D710 * H1910 MM Internal dimensions: W1198 * D682 * H1723 MM

Dehumidification movement: Medium humidity: 2Pcs Low humidity: 4Pcs Ultra-low humidity: 6Pcs

Power supply voltage: 220V ~ 50 / 60HZ Average power: Medium humidity: 40W Low humidity: 80W Ultra low humidity: 120W

Humidity optional: medium humidity 20% RH ~ 60% RH adjustable low humidity 10% RH ~ 20% RH adjustable ultra low humidity 1% RH ~ 10% RH fully automatic

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Product volume Inner diameter size (MM) Overall dimensions (MM) Number of shelves Door opening method
98 liters W446 * D372 * H598 W448 * D400 * H688 1 Single door
160 liters W446 * D422 * H848 W448 * D450 * H1010 3 Single door
240 liters W596 * D372 * H1148 W598 * D400 * H1310 3 Double doors up and down
320 liters W898 * D422 * H848 W900 * D450 * H1010 3 Left and right double doors
435 liters W898 * D572 * H848 W900 * D600 * H1010 3 Left and right double doors
540 liters W596 * D682 * H1298 W598 * D710 * H1465 3 Double doors up and down
718 liters W596 * D682 * H1723 W598 * D710 * H1910 5 Three doors open
870 liters W898 * D572 * H1698 W900 * D600 * H1890 5 Four doors
1436 liters W1198 * D682 * H1723 W1200 * D710 * H1910 5 Four-door / Six-door
Humidity range:

A series: 20%-60% RH adjustable / B series: 10%-20% RH adjustable

C series: 1%-10% RH fully automatic / T series: 1%-5% RH fully automatic

Display accuracy

Temperature: ± 1 ℃

Humidity: ± 3% RH