The nitrogen cabinet requires an external nitrogen gas source to work, so that the relative humidity and oxygen content in the cabinet can be greatly reduced to adapt to the long-term storage and storage of various materials. It is widely used in Wafer storage in the semiconductor microelectronics industry, cell storage in the photovoltaic industry, and drive chip storage in the LED optoelectronic industry. The nitrogen cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel plate with a thickness of 1.2mm, which has excellent overall sealing performance and prevents nitrogen leakage. The number and location of partitions can be increased or adjusted according to actual needs to maximize space utilization. When storing electronic devices, due to the low relative humidity, the effect of static electricity accumulation is more serious. Pay attention to the antistatic protection of electronic devices. Not only must the nitrogen cabinet be statically grounded, but the contact surfaces of the nitrogen cabinet should also be antistatic treated. The general control value of ordinary nitrogen cabinet is relative humidity and temperature. It can also display and control the oxygen content and relative humidity.

The dehumidification core of the nitrogen cabinet is made of a metal case, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with plastic. Built-in imported accessories, stable and reliable performance, free from external interference. Using automatic program-controlled induction system, when the humidity in the box reaches the set value, the system will automatically cut off the nitrogen supply; when the humidity in the box exceeds the set value, the system will automatically turn on the nitrogen supply to reduce the humidity and oxygen content in the box . The multi-point uniform gas supply system prevents gas overshoot from damaging the stored materials and ensures the uniformity of nitrogen in the box. There is no dead space in the box to prevent moisture from oxidizing and better protect the stored materials.

Product volume Inner diameter size (MM) Overall dimensions (MM) Number of shelves Door opening method
98 liters W446 * D372 * H598 W448 * D400 * H688 1 Single door
160 liters W446 * D422 * H848 W448 * D450 * H1010 3 Single door
240 liters W596 * D372 * H1148 W598 * D400 * H1310 3 Double doors up and down
320 liters W898 * D422 * H848 W900 * D450 * H1010 3 Left and right double doors
435 liters W898 * D572 * H848 W900 * D600 * H1010 3 Left and right double doors
540 liters W596 * D682 * H1298 W598 * D710 * H1465 3 Double doors up and down
718 liters W596 * D682 * H1723 W598 * D710 * H1910 5 Three doors open
870 liters W898 * D572 * H1698 W900 * D600 * H1890 5 Four doors
1436 liters W1198 * D682 * H1723 W1200 * D710 * H1910 5 Four-door / Six-door
Humidity range 1%-60% RH adjustable Display accuracy Temperature: ± 1 ° C Humidity: ± 3% RH
Intake pressure 0.2-0.4 MPa Nitrogen saving module Multi-point gas supply system, SMC nitrogen saving module

Nitrogen cabinet