The thermostatic storage box has a two-way temperature control system for cooling and heating, and a new fluorine-free design. The use of international brand compressors and circulating fans has high efficiency, low energy consumption and low noise. Compared with traditional low temperature equipment, the cooling time is faster. It can be used to store all kinds of curing glue. The sealing glue is stored at a constant temperature of 25 ° C or a low temperature. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller with dual digital display for setting and measuring temperature and PID self-adjusting function, accurate and reliable temperature control. Automatic circulation fan speed control. The temperature control system adopts microcomputer single-chip microcomputer technology, and the temperature control accuracy is high. There are temperature and time adjustment control, touch mode keyboard setting adjustment; the display is a dual-screen high-brightness digital tube display, the display value is accurate and intuitive, and the performance is superior; it has timing and timing functions.

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