Compared with SMD package, COB package can better control heat source management and save more space. That is, the bare chip is adhered to the interconnection substrate with conductive or non-conductive adhesive, and then wire bonding is performed to realize its electrical connection. During the sealing process, it is recommended to use a class 100 dust - free oven for curing to prevent exposure to air and being contaminated, which will affect the packaging effect and ultimately affect product performance. Hundreds of clean ovens have superior air circulation system and reliable temperature control system, which can make the bare makeup chip and the substrate perfectly connected together in a clean environment.

In order to better control the temperature fluctuation of the clean oven, its temperature controller uses thyristor + built-in SSR + external SSR control. In high power mode, it can accurately control the temperature uniformity and fluctuation in the box. The clean and dry box adopts a unique integrated structure of the inner and outer cabins, and the fully sealed structure can better prevent dust from entering. Combined with the internal circulation air duct design, the circulating hot air continuously self-purifies and filters the interior through the high-temperature ultra-high-efficiency filter HEPA, thereby forming a clean, dust-free, high-temperature baking environment with high cleanness and uniform temperature. The product has many advantages such as internal cleanliness, no dust generation, precise temperature control, and uniform temperature field distribution. Consult the sales staff for more configuration details.

Class 100 clean room
power supply
380V 50HZ
7.5 KW
10.5 KW
11 KW
17 KW
Working temperature
5 ℃-35 ℃



temperature range
+ 60 ℃-+ 300 ℃
Temperature fluctuation
± 0.5 ℃
Temperature uniformity
200 ℃ ± 3 ℃ / 300 ℃ ± 4 ℃
Heating time
Within 40 minutes (room temperature -300 ℃)



Anti-rust treatment
SUS304 high quality stainless steel
Insulation materials
Glass wool
Covered electric heater
Air inlet
6 MM
Air outlet
5 MM automatic opening exhaust valve

Temperature control

Control system

Adjustment method
PID control method
Mode of operation
Constant value program operation
Predetermined area
0 ℃-300 ℃
Setting method
Display method
LED digital display touch screen display
Sensing element
K-type thermocouple
safety protection
Upper limit of input disconnection detection
Timing function
0.1-999.9 H
safety equipment
Motor temperature protection switch, temperature fuse, independent device to prevent temperature rise
Bulkhead bearing
30 KG
Content volume
180 L
270 L
480 L
980 L
260 KG
320 KG
450 KG
730 KG
Internal dimensions mm
W600 H600 D500
W600 H900 D500
W800 H1000 D600
W1400 H1000 D700
External dimensions mm
W950 H1510 D855
W950 H1810 D855
W1290 H1790 D955
W1950 H1790 D1055
1 volume
Program temperature controller, touch screen, tri-color alarm light, timer, etc.