The electronic moisture-proof box has a superior air tightness and humidity fixed-point control system, which can quickly and significantly reduce the relative humidity value in ordinary environments, which is conducive to the storage of various moisture-sensitive components and prevents the introduction of moisture and mildew. Negative effects. Ordinary electronic moisture-proof boxes are made of cold-rolled sheet, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with high temperature. According to the type, it can be divided into ordinary plastic spraying and antistatic spraying, which is beneficial to the antistatic storage management of electronic components. In a clean environment, it is recommended to use SUS304 double mirror surface electronic moisture-proof box, which has a higher cleanliness level. Adopting a flat pressurized door lock, its unique structure design not only can better seal the box door of the moisture-proof box, but also has a lock and anti-theft function.

The dehumidification movement of the electronic moisture-proof box uses high temperature resistant flame retardant materials to prevent hidden dangers. Built-in imported hygroscopic material for recycling. Automatic program-controlled induction system, when the humidity in the box reaches the set value, the system will automatically stop working; when the humidity in the box exceeds the set value, the system will automatically reduce the humidity in the box. Built-in micro-circulation system, the humidity inside the box is more uniform, and the material is better protected. After the power is cut off, it can continue to absorb moisture. Within 24 hours, the humidity does not rise above 10% RH, no clear water, no noise. Temperature and humidity dual zone super bright display independently. Humidity setting value has memory function, no need to reset after power off. The temperature and humidity sensor built into the moisture-proof box uses the original imported brand HoneyWell. The data is accurate and sensitive, and the data shift value for long-term work is small. Temperature display range: -9 ℃ ~ 99 ℃, display accuracy: ± 1 ℃. Humidity display range: 1% RH ~ 99% RH, display accuracy: ± 3% RH. Configure post-check ports for easy detection.

Product volume Inner diameter size (MM) Overall dimensions (MM) Number of shelves Door opening method
98 liters W446 * D372 * H598 W448 * D400 * H688 1 Single door
160 liters W446 * D422 * H848 W448 * D450 * H1010 3 Single door
240 liters W596 * D372 * H1148 W598 * D400 * H1310 3 Double doors up and down
320 liters W898 * D422 * H848 W900 * D450 * H1010 3 Left and right double doors
435 liters W898 * D572 * H848 W900 * D600 * H1010 3 Left and right double doors
540 liters W596 * D682 * H1298 W598 * D710 * H1465 3 Double doors up and down
718 liters W596 * D682 * H1723 W598 * D710 * H1910 5 Three doors open
870 liters W898 * D572 * H1698 W900 * D600 * H1890 5 Four doors
1436 liters W1198 * D682 * H1723 W1200 * D710 * H1910 5 Four-door / Six-door
Humidity range:

A series: 20%-60% RH adjustable / B series: 10%-20% RH adjustable

C series: 1%-10% RH fully automatic / T series: 1%-5% RH fully automatic

Display accuracy

Temperature: ± 1 ℃

Humidity: ± 3% RH

Moisture-proof box