Suzhou Sanqing Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development, solution design and sales of products in environmental testing, environmental testing, safety protection and other related fields. Committed to providing our customers with quality and reliable products and services and the best design solutions, and strive to become a leading professional supplier in the laboratory and industrial equipment industry

The company's main products: vacuum drying box, blast drying box, incubator, test box, electronic moisture-proof box, nitrogen cabinet, industrial safety cabinet, strong acid and alkali cabinet, poison storage cabinet, etc. Products are widely used in electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery processing, university laboratories, medical institutions, food, scientific research units and other fields, and have won wide recognition and recommendation in the industry.

Quality products and perfect service system

Every product provided by Sanqing Instrument to customers has undergone strict inspection and testing, and obtained the product quality certificate of the relevant testing organization, and has been widely used in various fields. After years of hard work and customer support, Sanqing Instrument has enjoyed a high reputation among customers and won strong trust

Sanqing Instrument has been adhering to the corporate tenet of "Science and Technology Innovation, Quality Service", and provides customers with a full range of services from pre-sale to after-sale. Provide professional pre-sales technical consultation and after-sales personnel training for each customer. At the same time, a clear and detailed customer file system has been established in order to serve customers quickly and accurately. The service team and after-sales service center with professional maintenance quality are required to be proactive, responsible, and frank, to provide comprehensive and thoughtful services for the products sold by our company, and to satisfy customers.

Sanqing Instrument Corporate Culture and Corporate Responsibility

Corporate mission: To be a leading brand in the laboratory and industrial equipment industry

Enterprise value: Doing things with heart and soul, being honest with people; No persuasion, only mutual trust

Concept recognition: Strive to become a first-class benchmarking company in the laboratory and industrial equipment industry

Visual recognition: using advanced vision and action to maintain and update industry standards for equipment

Behavioural identification: trust customers with rigorous attitude and honest behavior and product quality standards

Sanqing Instrument

Sanqing Instrument

Price and delivery description:

The price of Sanqing Instrument's products is based on the quotation with the official seal of Sanqing Instrument issued by the sales staff. The prices obtained through other channels are not used as the actual price reference.

Sanqing Instrument promises that all standard products can be issued within three working days. For large shipments or special circumstances, the sales staff will inform the shipping time in advance before ordering.

Product guarantee description:

All products sold through the purchase and sale contract issued by Sanqing Instrument are genuine licensed and can be issued with formal special VAT invoices.

In order to prevent product parameter function upgrades, the website data has not been updated in time, so actual product parameters and pictures are subject to verification by sales staff.

Product after-sale description:

Sanqing instrument products that are not artificially damaged can enjoy the manufacturer's one-year worry-free warranty. Customer Service Phone: 400-990-3717

All cargo damage during transportation is borne by Sanqing Instrument. If the customer has special requirements for the product delivery date, it can be directly replaced by a new machine and sent directly.

Data copyright description:

The data on Sanqing Instrument's official website (, including but not limited to product pictures, product descriptions, etc., are not allowed to be reproduced or used without permission.